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Environmental Projects


Jones Island Field Operations Bldg. Addition # J06049C01

Owner: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Architect: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Operational Building Addition



Bishop’s Woods Well House Replacement

Owner: The City of Brookfield   # W-11-04

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.

Furnish materials and equipment to replace well house



Jones Island Inline Pump Station: Milwaukee, WI

Owner: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District   #J01009C03

Prime:  J. F. Ahern

Building addition



So. Shore Sluice Gate Improvement: Oak Creek, WI

Owner:  Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD   #S06013C01

Prime:  Total Mechanical, Inc.

Miscellaneous remodeling:

·       Concrete

·       Masonry

·       Carpentry



General Mitchell International Airport Storm Water Tunnel Repairs: Milwaukee, WI

Owner:  Milwaukee County

Prime:  Platt Construction, Inc.

Work consists of full depth and partial concrete repair work and crack sealing of the storm water box tunnel for the Wilson Creek Park Tributary, approximately 4700 feet in length



Honey Creek & Kinnickinnic River: Milwaukee, WI

Concrete Channel Repair

Owner:  Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.

Architect:  Tertra Tech

Remove and replace 2-concrete channels one each in Honey Creek and the Kinnickinnic River Flowages.



Elm Road-Dike Wall: Oak Creek, WI

Owner:  Wisconsin Electric Power Co.

Prime:  Kenny-Shea JV

Engineer: Hatch Mott McDonald

Construction of massive concrete dike wall associated with the construction of the new water intake tunnel.  The wall is heavily reinforced and contains 9- sluice gates for water flow control.  Wall is approximately 170’ long x 42’ high and the average width is approx. 25’ and is being constructed within a coffer dam at below lake level



Franklin Pump Station

Owner: MMSD

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.

Complete General Construction project to build a new pump station

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