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Paving Projects


       Site Concrete& Curb& Gutter # J05729-79934-000

Owner: Forest County  Potawatomi

Prime: Gilbane Bldg Co.

Architect: Cunningham Group

Concrete Curb & Gutter



Construct Parking Lot B401 # VA69D-13-C-0112: Tomah, WI

Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.

Reconstruct a new parking lot at B401 for 44 cars approx. 2480 sq.ft.



Parking Lot Reconstruction- Riverside University High School

Owner: Milwaukee Public Schools

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.


Parking Lot Reconstruction- Morse/Marshall Complex

Owner: Milwaukee Public Schools

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.


Parking Lot Reconstruction Douglas Academy

Owner: Milwaukee Public School District

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.


W. Capital Dr. Sth 190,84th to 60thSt.: Milwaukee County

Owner: Department of Transportation

Prime: Zignego Company, Inc.

Concrete Paving, Driveway, Curbs, Sidewalks


Milwaukee/Airport SPUR/ST 119 SP1030-2078-78: Milwaukee County

Owner: Department of Transportation, Job 9402-006

Prime: Wisconsin Contractors LLC.

Concrete Barriers


West North Avenue Streetscape Enhancement  #C52312001

Owner: Department of Public Works, City of Milwaukee

Prime: Platt Construction, Inc.

Streetscape including construction of Duratherm crosswalks.



                      South East Pavment Repair (DOT Letting #13 for June 14, 11)

      Owner: Department of Transportation (# 1000-84-63)

Prime: Payne & Dolan , Inc.

               Removal pavement, base patching, concrete, drilling.



                                East West Freeway South 16th to East County line Rd: Waukesha, WI

Owner: DOT #1060-32-70 Wis 899

Prime:  Zignego Company


West National Ave. Streetscape: Milwaukee, WI

Owner: City of Milwaukee  #2410-12-70

Prime:  Department of Public Works

Concrete Curb and walk ways


North South Freeway – Sign Bases: Milwaukee, WI

Owner: DOT  #SP1030-2072 (8823-010)

Prime:  Lunda Contractors

Sign Bases


North South Freeway – Barrier Walls: Milwaukee, WI

Owner:. DOT  #SP1030-2072(9401-008)

Prime:  Wisconsin Contractors

Concrete Barrier walls


Rock Freeway STH 164 Interchange: Big Bend, WI

Owner:  Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation   #SP1090-23-71

Prime:  Lunda Construction Co.

Concrete pavement, curb & gutter, barrier wall, concrete base patching, approach slabs barrier transition.


North South Freeway – Good Hope Road: DOT #8


Prime: Zenith Tech #1228-17-71


Milwaukee Zoo Interchange: Milwaukee, WI

Owner:  Milwaukee County   # SP1060-33-06

Prime:  Milwaukee Constructors, LLC

6-bridge approaches and approximately 4800 lineal feet of 32” barrier wall within a tight schedule.



N-S- Freeway CthC – Sth 50 Il State Line: Kenosha, WI


Prime: Michels Corp.

Concrete Barriers


N-S- Freeway Utilities # 1030-21-78: Milwaukee, WI

DOT# 16 13th Layton Ave


Prime: Super X

Concrete Pavement


27th St.  Freeway DOT # 8  #1030-20-70 (IM 2009): Milwaukee, WI


Prime: Zenith Tech, Inc.



# 35 W. Silver Spring: Milwaukee,  WI

Owner :  WI DOT

Prime: Payne & Dolan

Concrete, Paving, Curb & Gutter



Notice #101-1: Milwaukee, WI

Owner:  City of Milwaukee, C523080132

Prime:  Platt Construction, Inc.

Removing / replacing curb, VT asphalt pavement, color pavement and granite screening at 2-intersections.


Marquette Interchange/Core of Interchange: Milwaukee, WI

Owner:  Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

Prime:  Marquette Constructors, LLC

Engineer: WIDOT

Concrete and paving work on the Marquette Interchange: 15,800 LF Barrier wall; 150,000 SF Sidewalk; 27,643 Curb & gutter; 50,000 Street Pavement



St. Paul from 4th to 8th Street Reconstruction: Milwaukee, WI

Owner:  Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

Prime:  Marquette Constructors

Work consists of: 11,912 sq. for “picture framed”; 5”sidewalk; 2500 LF of 31” curb and gutter,; 6000 sy of 9’ pavement; 300 sy of colored/stamped pavement


Burlington By-Pass WDOT LET #18 Burlington Pass S. 36/83: N. Burlington, WI

Owner:  Wisconsin DOT

Prime:  Payne & Dolan

Architect: Wisconsin DOT

Approximately 32,500 LF of curb and gutter, 500 LF of barrier wall and 400 SY of pavement, approaches and drives


7th Avenue Reconstruction: Kenosha, WI

Owner:  City of Kenosha

Prime:  Cicchini Asphalt Paving Inc.

Architect: City of Kenosha

Renovation of historical of 7th Avenue. Work consists of concrete, railroad track and tie, and brick removals. Installation of 18” & 30” curb and gutter.  Replace concrete sidewalk and approaches. 



MSOE Storm Water BMP Parking Lot

Owner: MSOE

Prime: TEI  # TW051975

Regular and Pervious Concrete and asphalt Parking lot


Ryan Road Turn Lane: Oak Creek, WI

Owner:  Atout Real Estate LLC

Prime Contractor:  Platt Construction, Inc.

Architect:  Metropolitan Engineering

Pick-n-Save turn lane on Ryan Road: Created new turn lane on Ryan Road for the new Pick-n-Save. Work includes demo of existing turn lane and median and pouring new curb and gutter, pouring new paving, moving 4-right lanes, inlet adjustment and relocation new asphalt and striping.

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